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Every year, the cryptocurrency market brings in new users and coins that attract more financial investment. The risks are growing because every year, more and more cunning swindlers develop very sophisticated schemes of deception that can deprive a person of their digital assets. You can protect your savings by downloading Ledger Live and also hardware wallets for offline fund storage.

Particularly the application that links the described possibility of online trading and safe storage in the purse. It is modern multifunctional software with the following features:

The application was developed in 2018 and functions with wallets that use Nano X, Nano S, and Stax.


It is an all-platform program that synchronizes from and to the following operating systems: Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android;

The application works with more than 5,500 types of tokens and coins, including Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, Tezos, and others.

This is the software that is now in use by over 6 million users in 180 countries; therefore, reliability is undeniable.

The application itself includes extended functionalities for control, management, and trading.

The Ledger app and wallets are used to secure 20% of all cryptoassets around the world.

As a result of all the stated functions, you understand that you need to download Ledger Live on your personal computer or portable device. Simultaneously, the user gets a powerful and autonomous tool that is appreciated and constantly used by experienced cryptocurrency traders.

In cryptocurrency, secure management of funds plays a significant role in guaranteeing its safeguard from cyber threats. That is why the Ledger Live app is trusted by over 6 million users from 180 countries. If you want to get all of this application's features, follow our installation instructions.

Download Ledger Live

The software is available for both free install and as a download. Furthermore, it can be operational on every modern desktop, as well as portable operational systems. For this reason, separate installation files have been compiled for each, but the program post-installation shows an identical interface and set of options.

Download Ledger Live into your computer.

To install the tool on your PC, verify that the technical capacity is at least equal to the basic requirements of the software. It works fine under the following OS versions: macOS 10.14+, Windows 8.1+, Linux (Ubuntu 16.10, Fedora 28, Debian 9.6). Also, you must have at least 100 MB of free space on your hard disk and 2 GB of RAM to use Download and Extract.

If your computer meets the above requirements, you can proceed to download Ledger Live as follows:

Open the official Ledger website in an internet browser on a desktop computer:

At the top of the screen click the tab "Applications" ;

Choose your OS: Windows, Mac OS or Linux.


Once the download is completed, locate the file and double-click on it to open it.

Follow all prompts on the screen as they guide you toward configuring the application appropriately.

If all the algorithm steps succeed, the active icon of Ledger Live will now be displayed on your personal computer's desktop, which will open access to the world of cryptocurrency.

Download the Ledger Live application for smartphones

The application works no worse on a smartphone or tablet, giving portable access to cryptocurrency assets from absolutely any place. It's convenient and practical because you can manage your funds and act right on time. This process for the installation on a PC can also be completed through the developer's official website, but it would be easier to just do the following:

For Android-based devices, go to the Google Play Store, and for iOS-based devices, go to the App Store.

get an app named Ledger Live

Search results, look for the first one on the list, the official application.

Click "Install," and this will start downloading and installing the application to your device.

Once installed, the installation icon of the Ledger Live App will appear on the home display of your device. Click on it to be able to configure your hardware wallets and settings and start making transactions using your cryptocurrencies.

What is Ledger Live download?

After the user has installed the application for the Ledger hardware wallet, he will find the functionality of this software to be prosperous. For the sake of clarification, it is worth noting the following key options:

Management—Download and manage your cryptocurrency assets: Through Ledger Live, you can easily download and manage your cryptocurrency assets. Add, delete, and organize your account details. You will find it easy to manage your assets.

Control. You can view your balance, transaction history, and current market rates all from the convenience of your computer. This gives you an upper hand to control everything you decide concerning your investments.

Integrations: Ledger Live provides third-party applications out of the box, such as DEX, Binance, Lido, and others. They expand the functionality of your wallet and allow you to participate in multiple transactions.

Exchange: You can exchange any other cryptocurrency for another using verified services, and it gives you way flexibility with managing your portfolio.

Trade. Buy cryptocurrency with the use of credit cards or bank transfers. Sell out your asset directly from the app.

Transactions: With this application, you get a chance to make secure money transfers and receive cryptos. There is a quick opportunity to move money from one account to another and send coins to the wallets of other participants.

Earnings. Through Ledger Live, you can stake and grow your capital. Meanwhile, the rewards will depend directly on the user and his actions.

Administration: Firmware in cold wallets can be updated through the program, and their status and memory amount can be inspected, together with a series of other procedures.

The product also provides an educational block. That's why it contains much helpful content about cryptocurrency. Indeed, both beginners and experienced traders will find here much valuable information. There is also a professional technical support service available to customers. By contacting support, you can solve many complex issues related to hardware wallets and the Ledger Live platform itself.


Where Can I Download Ledger Live?

You only have one option if you need the certified software: download the Ledger Live application directly from the developer's website.

On what platforms can Ledger Live be run?

You can access the installation files for the most widespread desktop and portable operating systems from the developer's website.

Can I download Ledger Live on mobile? Download the installation files from the developer's website or visit the Google Play Store for Androids and the App Store for iPhones and iPads.